Who are We?

  We are a Professional Team of Paranormal Investigators,  each with their own unique talents.  We seek to find the Scientific and Logical explanations when it comes down to "reported claims" of Paranormal Activity.  Only through these Scientific methods can we begin to find the truth, in any given situation.

Do We Charge?

  No.  We are a Non-Profit Team who is dedicated to helping people.  "People Helping People" is Our Motto.  Our main goal with each investigation whether it be a Business location or private residence, is to document and research the "Claims of Activity" and to Empower Our Clients with knowledge and understanding of the Paranormal Realm.  Although we charge nothing...Donations are welcome especially in cases of Out of Town Investigations to help cover gas expenses...

Our Clients ALWAYS come first.

Privacy and Discretion is ALWAYS assured.

Our Team is very respectful of both the Living World as well as the After-Life....... 

  Glenn Murphy: (Lead Investigator)
Glenn is a Jack-of all traits.  He has many years of Paranormal experience behind him.  As well as being an investigator, Glenn is also a musician.  He has released 3 CD's to date. He also free lances as a Professional Photographer and his newest gig is dabbling as an on-line radio D.J....
  Glenn is Our Teams Most Skeptic-of-Skeptics and It takes ALOT to impress him..  A great De~Bunker, but after all is said and done, some of our experiences have even left Glenn shaking his head in bewilderment.

  Frank Van Damme: (CPI Teams-Technician, Lead Investigator and Web Master)
Bro Frank's Love of technology is what keeps our investigations running smoothly.  Frank is extremely efficient and strategic when it comes to providing us with the best possible camera views on our investigations.
  As well as being a Great Para~Investigator,  Frank is also the Web-Master for this online site.  He has dedicated many of his hours to downloading, uploading, posting, editing and graphic design.

  Krystina Van Damme aka Kryssie (Tech & Investigator-in-Training)
Kryssie is the youngest member of our CPI Team. She is also Frank`s daughter, which explains her love for the Technology Side of things. Kryssie has a deep affection for both animals and people and is currently upgrading her skills, which will eventually lead her into the Medical Field. Also a known bookworm and an avid outdoorsy person. Kryssie is very eager to learn and is very observant, a thinker... She is happily absorbing everything we are doing on our investigations and has been a great helper. Kryssie`s role is to backup our Tech Department, set-ups and tear downs, as well as manning the DVR System and taking an active role investigating. She is a great addition to Our Team, Welcome to CPI, Kryssie...